“We ask the community every day to invest in us by being our clients. It seems reasonable to expect that we will invest in the community in return.”

— Chad Miller, founder

Chad and Alyson Miller started their business, Chad Miller Auto Care, with the intention of being active members of the community.

The CM Advancement Foundation is designed to support that vision by distributing grant money to students in San Antonio and Bexar County.


What does CM Advacement Fund?

CM Advancement provides funding in amounts from $100 to $2,500 to students who are currently enrolled in a Bexar County middle school or high school. The purpose of these grants is to further their education in any area of interest, whether it be curricular or extracurricular. Examples of activities we will fund include, but are not limited to: voice / music / dance lessons, sport team fees / equipment, FFA or 4-H animal or supply purchases, cooking classes, theater camp, technical certifications, and STEM projects.

Our Mission

The mission of the CM Advancement Fund is to promote community and service by encouraging and supporting young people in the pursuit of their passions and interest. 


Number of students and organizations supported so far


Dollars invested in our community through December, 2018


Our distribution goal in 2019

Meet Our Past Recipients